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The service center has united qualified technicians with many years of experience and professional customer service specialists with the aim of organizing a strong and modern service center capable of solving any technical tasks.

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Customer specialists apply a case-by-case approach and act as a separate task with each repair and order. We work fast and with high quality.

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Delivery of parts and accessories to Omniva parcel terminals.
Upon your request, we will send the parts or accessories you have ordered to any Omniva parcel terminal. The price of the service for deliveries to parcel terminals in Latvia is 2.60 Eur.
In-home repairs and product transportation
For major appliance repairs the service provides in-home repairs at the customer home or at the office. If necessary, the equipment is transported to the service center and back to the customer. The visit takes place in agreed with the client day and time.
Parts and accessories order
EMTA Service offers orders for accessories, components and spare parts for a variety of home appliances and home electronics.
Household appliances installation
EMTA Serviss performs installation and connection of household appliances, TV and audio systems.
Repair services
Electronics, home appliances, household and kitchen appliances, computer equipment, electromechanical equipment repair: televisions, home electronics and entertainment equipment, household appliances, kitchen large and small appliances, equipment, electric cars, exercise machines and other appliances.
B/S/H warranty repair and service
EMTA Serviss provides warranty repair for Bosch, Siemens, Neff  brands. We provide warranty repairs on equipment purchased in any country of the European Union in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

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