EMTA Serviss offers repair of various electromechanical equipment:

  • repair of electro scooters,
  • power tool repair,
  • repair of fitness trainers,
  • compressor repair,
  • repair of wokr stations,
  • repair of different equipment.

Work examples:

Elektro skrejriteņa modernizācija (lasīt vairāk)

Additional questions about electromechanical equipment repair options can be addressed by sending an inquiry via info@emta.lv , or by calling 66020338, or by sending an information via WEB form . We will always do our best to repair your device.

EquipmentPrice of diagnostics
Electro scooter10 Eur
Fitness trainers20 Eur
Welding equipment5 Eur
Compressor7 Eur
Concrete mixer7 Eur
Electric Trimmer7 Eur
Electric Mower10 Eur
Electric saw7 Eur
Punch7 Eur