Universal descaler


Universal descaler

Art. Nr. 9029799138


Universal descaler for heavy and light household appliances. Designed for easy and fast descaling of household and home appliances: dishwashers and washing machines, humidifiers, coffee machines, irons, shower heads, dishes, etc.


In a dishwasher (use 500-1000 ml): completely empty the appliance, start a washing program with a temperature ≥ 50 ° C, after about 25 minutes open the appliance door and pour the product into the bottom of the container. Close the machine door and allow the machine to run the program completely.

In the washing machine (use 500-1000 ml): completely empty the appliance, close the door, open the detergent dispenser and start the washing program at 60 ° С without prewash and soaking. Wait until the water starts to flow and pour the product through the dispenser with the water. At the end of the program, start an additional rinsing cycle.

Coffee machine: add the product to water (100-150 ml per liter of water) and fill  a water tank, then follow the manufacturer’s instructions. After descaling, rinse the coffee machine 3 times to completely remove any residue.

Universal use: allow the solution consisting of one part product and two parts water to act for 60 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Composition: ≥ 30% water; ≥ 5% <15% sulfamic acid; <5% citric acid, non-ionic surfactants.
Made in Italy.
Volume: 1L.




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